Logo Concepts - work in progress

A few different iterations of some logos I am working on. I wanted to try my hand at a few different techniques and decided to go with a single line design and one that utilizes negative space. Still have some refinements to do but I am happy with the direction of both currently. 


Busy, busy, busy.

Hey everyone! Apologies for going M.I.A on the blog lately. Many things have been going on since the start of the new year! One of which includes moving into our first home! Between renovations, work, traveling and picking up some side projects along the way theres been many things keeping me busy as of lately. I really want to get back into sketching in some of my small windows of down time just to keep myself sharp and continue to better myself. Ive included a couple of random ones I have worked on just for fun. Check em out below!


"Uncle Einstein" Illustration WIP

Just a little work in progress update on an illustration for a 4th of July event at the Orlando Science Center I dubbed "Uncle Einstein" 


Club flyer designs

Got a chance to sit down and work on a new look for a few of the different nights and promotions going on at Bullitt Bar. Check them out below.

In other news I've been trying to do a lot more sketching and drawings lately. So instead of uploading a bunch of blog posts with them, I think I'll just do larger update with multiples I had been working on at once. 




I have always been intrigued by the art of hand lettering, so what better way to try and learn than to dive right in and try it yourself! Here is a quick little sketch of some hand lettering I attempted, with a few illustrations to compliment it. I think I might try my hand at these a little more often when I find the time to work on honing the skill. Who knows!? maybe I'll even do a month challenge of doing one a day to upload here.



Recently I have decided to migrate my website over in order to help better manage and maintain things a bit easier. I hope to try and write things here from time to time in the blog space and share both projects I am currently working on, or other design related articles/topics I may come across and find interesting. In the meantime I welcome you to check out some of the work I have uploaded and browse around. More things soon to come!